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Live King Crab Seattle is a premium seafood restaurant based in Seattle. They have a dimly lit ambiance and are known for their crab dishes, including the most sought-after dish in the menu – The King Crab Feast. Find out more about this eatery and why they may be your best option when you visit .

The name of this restaurant says a lot. It's been around since 1994, and it is the only seafood restaurant in Seattle to offer the King Crab Feast. In fact, they are known for it. The menu has a number of other options, including deep fried shrimp and oyster. To get more details about live king crab seattle  you may check it here.

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However, if you want to eat something other than what the menu offers then you will have to ask for it ahead of time because it takes an hour to prepare each dish. They also have an outdoor patio which is very welcome in the summer months.

The live king crab is the most expensive seafood in town, but it is also the best. This type of crab is caught in the wild and not in a tank. The taste of live king crab is something that you have to experience to believe. 

You can find live king crab at a few different restaurants in Seattle, but the best place to get it is at King Crab Cafe. This restaurant has been serving up the finest live king crab since 1978 and they know how to do it right.   

What Is Live King Crab Seattle?

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