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E-commerce is growing rapidly, and so does the need to have flexible logistics and warehousing solutions. Although product manufacturers are experts at creating and marketing products, efficient distribution is an essential operational capability. 

Manufacturers and wholesalers are increasingly outsourcing the warehousing of their products and their distribution. They are business owners but they outsource this operation to specialists in the field of warehousing, distribution, and logistics. You can also look for the best ecommerce 3PL in Canada online.

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Third-Party (3PL) Providers and E-commerce

Third-party logistics providers can provide effective, efficient inventory management and fulfillment of products for manufacturers that fulfill orders to retail networks and to end consumers alike. 

E-commerce provides consumers the power to compare products quickly and with ease, which puts price pressures on retailers' prices like never before. The key to maintaining profit margins and competitiveness lies largely in the supply chain.

Drop Ship Fulfillment for eCommerce

Deciding on a third-party logistics partner to fulfill direct-to-consumer order fulfillment can be tricky. This partner will be the one storing, picking, packing, and shipping your items for order fulfillment – often to end consumers. 

Look for a provider that will fit your model and required processes, and not one you have to conform with. If you have special needs, now or potentially in the future, you want to be sure you've partnered with a 3PL provider that can adapt to changing needs.

E-Commerce 3PL In Canada-Distribution And Drop Shipping
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