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Recent studies have shown that the number of international students enrolling in Australia has increased to 10.6% year over year. Living and tuition fees can be added if you are willing to work part-time during your studies. Working while you practice can also help you gain training experience. Australian student visas allow for up to 40 hours of work every two weeks and unlimited hours during class breaks.

However, it is important to determine if you can work on your studies. It is advisable to consult a migration lawyer in Sydney via before applying for a student visa.

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Paid Work:

Australia is full of many different types of industry and therefore job opportunities are plentiful. You can join retail stores and work in clothing stores and supermarkets. Sales, remote marketing, office, and administration assignments are also available for students who wish to work while taking their courses. However, you will need to ensure that your Australian student visa allows you to work part-time.


You can complete paid or unpaid internships that provide insight into the creative, financial, and professional industries. Gaining hands-on experience in your training can help to better understand your course and give you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned.

In addition, apprenticeship contributes to training as academic achievement. Ask a Visa attorney in Australia how long you can work as an intern or if you can make money as an intern. If you wish to do an internship in Australia, obtain a study visa that international students can use for an internship.

Work While Pursuing Higher Education In Australia