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Surely you have noticed that there are times when you are smoking a bowl and just cannot get a good enough hit. This usually means one of two things: your pipe is clogged, or you didn't pack the bowl right. Packing the bowl incorrectly is a huge problem. If you do this, you could torch the bowl and waste your precious herbs! Using a grinder ensures that your bowl smokes evenly, optimizing your herb.

Producing a better smoking experience isn't the only reason to use a grinder. Grinders also help your weed last longer by producing way less waste than breaking up your nugs by hand. You can buy a grinder online from herb grinder store.

Hash Slicer

When you 'grind' by hand, it always leaves behind a small bit of shake and trichome crystals. These tiny bits almost always end up on your carpet or table. What a waste! Using a grinder ensures that every bit of shake and those precious trichomes stay safely encased and ready for whenever you need them!

How To Use a Grinder

Grinders are such simple contraptions to use, it's a wonder that everyone does not use them, to be perfectly honest. However, having a few questions is entirely understandable. It can be difficult to tell how to use one, just by looking at it. Consider this your crash course!

First, make sure that your grinder is clean because you don't want any unwanted debris and things interfering with the delicious taste of your smoke. Next, unscrew the top of your grinder so that you can see both sets of teeth on the lid and the top opening of the grinder. Following that, you will want to tear up your buds so that they will fit between both pieces.

You don't need to tear them up too much, as this is what your grinder is supposed to do in the first place (not to mention you don't want to waste any of that kief). Try not to overfill your grinder; otherwise, it will not grind your herbs sufficiently.

Why You Should Use a Grinder