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The photos and video of your wedding will be a permanent reminder of what should be one of the best moments in your life. The photos and video should capture not only the ceremony but everything, including the guests, the mood and atmosphere. This is where a professional wedding photographer and videographer are worth their weight in gold.

Reasons for Hiring A Professional Port Douglas wedding photographer and videographer

1. The professional wedding videographer and/or photographer knows how to capture every moment of your wedding in all its glory. They can provide the video and the photos in a polished look, rather than a simple point and shoot effect.

2. Because they have a lot of experience in this type of work, a videographer/photographer can suggest some ways that are unique for the movie/edit or photographs of your wedding. For example, a wedding videographer can include voiceover to narrate the events or they can include different interviews with the guests.

3. Similarly, a wedding photographer can take photos that worked well with the narrative and editing techniques chosen by the videographer.


How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer and Videographer

1. Ask for referrals from friends and relatives.

Personal recommendations are always better than just looking in the local directory and choose the person with the biggest and best advertising. If someone close to you is confident enough to make a recommendation then you can be sure that the professional is at least capable of doing a good job for you.

2. Search the Internet

Again a better option than searching through the directory. Most wedding videographers and wedding photographers will have examples of their work online if they have a website. Just make sure that the samples they are showing are work that they have done themselves and not work they have 'borrowed' from associates, other websites or using royalty-free photographs and video.

Why Hire Port Douglas Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer