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Colocation is basically when a customer immediately buys a web server to launch and store their website. Once you've purchased a server, you can store it in the web host's trunk, usually in a data center – a multi-rack building with many different web servers.

Colocation services can be offered with managed or unmanaged options. With web hosting administration, hosting companies and data center employees update and maintain web servers and make changes upon customer requests.

colocation data center

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Unmanaged colocation services, on the other hand, only provide rack and physical storage space for a web server or server. It is the responsibility of the server owner to ensure that it is properly maintained and updated as necessary.

Whether you choose managed Colonization Services or not depends on your personal preference and technical expertise in server maintenance. One consideration that cannot be overlooked is the actual location of the data center.

Even though your web hosting package covers the cost of certain resources such as bandwidth and performance, you are paying for the actual space used to host your server. Hence, it is better to make sure that the conditions are as good as possible.

Of course, the data center needs to be clean and tidy, but you also need to make sure that the webserver conditions are set up properly. Servers should be stored in a climate that is usually no hotter than 72 degrees Fahrenheit and with a humidity of 45%.

What’s Most Important In Colocation?