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A layer of mulch is placed on the soil as it helps in providing soil the required amount of moisture, improves soil fertility, improves the health of the soil, reduces the growth of the weed, and enhances the look of the land. You can also get more info here about soil mulch and fertilizers.

Mulch is not generally only organic, it is of 2 types (organic and inorganic). Inorganic mulch includes gravel, pebble, recycled aggregate, etc. Organic mulch includes pine chips, pine bark, forest/ leaf clutter, straw, lucerne, etc. 

Inorganic mulches are usually used for decoration. They provide good access around a backyard bed through the crops. They supply very little or no nutrients to the crops but won't break down hence won't need continual pruning compared to organic mulch choices. 


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They'll have to be raked to remove leaves frequently to maintain the soil to look fine, as gravel/pebbles can easily seem dingy when untidy. Some gravels like blue metals/ crusher dust may be great mulches around fermented soil as they're alkaline stones and will gradually leach this in the soil.

Organic compost is a natural material like leaves, bark, lucerne, bark, and so on, and maybe partly broken down and also has many advantages to your backyard. 

Organic mulch is capable of improving soil fertility, it makes the soil more fertile and hence making it more vegetative. It works as an enhancer to the soil and helps to make it better.

What is Mulch and Its Types?
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