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Waste recycling is increasing as many people realize the value of waste. Do you have old copper wires, pipes, hubcaps, aluminum fittings, and trash in your home? Most good second-hand dealers have the right tools to get the right price estimate for used goods. However, it is always better to prepare them in advance:

The Market Changes Every Day:

Commodity markets have their ups and downs every day. You have to keep an eye on it to get an average idea of how much it will cost. International market conditions and international relations have a major impact on the prices of scrap metal at

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Scrap Condition:

Clean, non-corrosive scrap is more likely to be included in scrap. So make sure to clean up the debris before you bring it to the yard, or at least choose wisely.

You Know What You Are Selling:

Do some research to find out what to do. When selling honey, make sure you know how much copper costs. If you sell alloys, make sure you know the alloy percentages.


Demand and supply of metals work like "normal goods", the basic principle of increasing supply with increasing demand works here. However, the price will obviously come down on such a schedule. So it's sometimes a good idea to stick to your memo and where the market is headed.

Knowing how scrap prices move will put scrapers in a more informed position and get a better price from your dealer if the quoted price is below the reserve price set by the market on that day.

What Determines Scrap Metal Prices