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3D product configurations are interactive digital marketing tools based on live 3D models that allow customers to visualize and customize products as they see fit. This allows users to monitor their adjustments and receive cost estimates based on adjustments. which in turn leads to more commitment to customer relationships.

As a trusted Hapticmedia brand, Apviz offers an online 3D SaaS outcome configurator for e-commerce customers. With this digital marketing tool, product information is stored securely in the cloud, which means it is easily accessible and extremely secure. If you are thinking about Why and how to adopt an online 3D product configurator for eCommerce that will increase your sales read this article carefully.

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The software is compatible with every device, from smartphones to tablets to desktops, every operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux and every browser including Chrome, Safari, Firefox. It can also be embedded with major e-commerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop, Salesforce, Sitecore, and Aprimo.

WebGL 3D product configuration is based only on a few lines of code, no images, no plugins. When it comes to 3D customization, visualization, and configuration projects, clients come to professionals to understand their capabilities and to find the best way to provide a personalized, high-quality customer experience.

We encourage conversations with customers about how to identify the brand's strongest capitals and develop digital strategies for communication, engagement and conversion. It involves harnessing our creativity and 15 years of experience in the industry to achieve the smoothest user experience that converts.


What Are The Technical Requirements For Implementing A 3D Product Configurator?