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A steel lintel is a type of roofing and wall construction element that is typically made from two or more sheets of metal that are hinged together at one end. When closed, the lintel forms a roof or wall that is supported by the hinges.

When to Use Steel Lintels

Steel lintel prices are always highly variable, depending on many factors including the type of steel used, the delivery location and the market conditions. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you get an idea of what you should expect to pay for a steel lintel. 

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a steel lintel is the weight of the opening it will support. The heavier the lintel, the more expensive it will be. Other factors that will affect price include the type of steel used, the welding method and whether or not the lintel is galvanized.

Why You Should Use Steel Lintel Prices

When you are considering a new home or business, steel lintel prices can be an important consideration. Steel lintel prices  are often the most affordable option for creating a strong and durable roof system.

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1) Steel lintel prices are typically much lower than other roofing options. For example, metal roof shingles can cost up to three times as much as steel lintel prices.

2) A steel lintel system is more resistant to weather damage. For example, a metal roof can corrode and fall off due to weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall.

What are Steel Lintels?