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Here are some very simple instructions for making essential oils. Now you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home with these instructions:

-To relieve perimenopausal hot flashes, take a sponge bath with a few drops of sage essential oil in cold water.

-To relieve menstrual pain. Massage neroli aromatherapy vital oil mixed with a carrier oil into the lower abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps.

For younger and glowing skin. A few drops of sweet orange essential oil added to a facial cleanser or body wash make skin look younger and radiant.

Pimple. For occasional acne, apply 1 drop of tea tree essential oil directly to the pimple.

Swollen feet or ankles. Treat yourself to a cool foot bath with lavender essential oil. Just add 5-10 drops to the foot bath and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. For varicose veins, soak your feet in lukewarm water with lemon essential oil.

For a good night's sleep. Put a drop of marjoram on your pillow before bed for a good night's sleep. You can also sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on your sheets and pillowcases.

For relaxation. To clean the air and create a relaxing environment, spray geranium essential oil into an aromatherapy lamp.

Insect bites. For quick relief from mosquito or tern bites, rub tea tree oil on them. Tea tree oil is usually safe to apply directly to the skin but do an allergy test first. 

Uses And Benefits Of Aromatherapy Essential Oils