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Today, social networking sites offer internet marketers many benefits that help businesses grow, generate more incoming leads, and convert a higher percentage of those customers into paying customers.

Businesses use Twitter accounts, often multiple, which are used to communicate with our prospects and current customers and to market webinars, videos, free tools, paid products, and other programs. Some companies also allow their employees to use their personal Twitter accounts to promote the company.

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On Facebook, companies use fan pages to communicate with potential customers/customers to achieve marketing goals. Many host popular Facebook groups related to their industry and niche, which can provide a gathering place for Facebook insiders to network and share resources.

LinkedIn is also used for other marketing measures. Businesses can build groups of individuals on LinkedIn and attract thousands of members who will become good prospects. Groups become links on LinkedIn that members can use to network and discuss relevant industry topics.

Experienced marketers who may want to apply the image of an expert can use LinkedIn's Q&A tool to answer marketing questions and establish themselves as thought leaders.

Entrepreneurs and marketers also regularly post videos on company and industry topics on YouTube, which can then be shared on various social media sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and others. (Besides Twitter, Facebook, etc.)



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