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Thumb-sucking is very common in young children and kids up to 5 years of age. Babies in their first year of birth can often be seen sucking their thumbs or other fingers. 

As the child grows, the thumb-sucking habit gradually diminishes and eventually disappears. But a sign to watch out for is if thumb-sucking proceeds after the years of five.  You can also help your child by purchasing the thumb sucking device via

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The consequences of thumb sucking
1) The most common outcome of continued thumb sucking is an unusual and incorrect bite.

2) To make space for the thumb between the upper and lower front teeth, the teeth have erupted and the bite is open.

3) Due to burning and open bites, the child can develop a rash.

4) Due to constant suction, the roof of the mouth and the teeth in the upper arch tend to shrink, and the position of the teeth changes from normal.

5) The upper and lower lips are also not spared. They are often cracked and dry and, if left untreated, can cause lip bleeding.

6) Thumb sucking can also cause the swallowing of germs that often lie dormant on a child's nails. This can cause the child to be sick.
7) The thumb or thumbs are often swollen and red due to constant force on them.

So in order to help your child from thumb sucking consequences observe your child's habits and take action at the right time. 

Thumb Sucking And Its Consequences
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