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in Newcastle asbestos testing

Our nose is considered to be one of the easiest and common sources of entry inside our body for the asbestos. Once this material manages to enter our body, it heads straight to the surface of the lungs for accumulation. After it is accumulated, mild to severe diseases start occurring. So, when is asbestos to be considered as dangerous? It is when these 2 diseases are caused.

  1. Lung Cancer –In the early days, one would definitely agree to the fact that smoking was the only source of cancer. However, that impression has been changed since asbestos is also one of the reasons leading to lung cancer. This means people working in manufacturing, milling, mining industries are bound to be in danger in terms of getting exposed to asbestos. Some of the symptoms include chest pains, blood while coughing, difficulty in breathing, etc.
  2. Asbestosis –This is a disease that leads to respiration problems, considered to be non-cancerous and yet related to asbestos. It is non-cancerous yet, asbestosis is considered to be dangerous as it is capable of causing some serious problems such as crackling sound while breathing. The problem is even more problematic since there is no cure for treating this disease. The best recommendation is to visit your doctor for some form of treatment. 

At the end of the day, getting yourself exposed to asbestos will lead to a lot of health problems which obviously cannot be taken lightly. Calling a professional makes a lot of sense, as they are capable of undergoing asbestos testing in Newcastle to determine the level of how dangerous it is.

These are the Moments when Asbestos is Considered as Dangerous