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 produce in Brisbane organic

Organic farming is a technique that is popular among farmers as it is simpler helping them to produce organic food. Organic food is extremely popular for many benefits. However, the popularity is due to the principles of organic farming. Here are the basic principles of organic farming you should be aware of.

  1. Health – The principle of soil defines the condition of soil, humans, plants and environment to stay in the best condition. Organic farming as a technique depends mainly on natural fertilizers like manure and compost rather than chemicals. These fertilizers do not disturb the life cycle of everyone and everything in top condition.
  2. Care – The principle of care focuses on keeping the condition of the environment to stay in top condition with the help of natural fertilizers. Rather than using chemicals which damages the soil’s fertility, using natural fertilizers allows it to grow richer quality food. Moreover, the environment also remains in good condition since water is conserved, less pollution is created which ultimately has other benefits to humans.
  3. Fairness – The cycles of humans and other living species to remain undisturbed is defined by the principle of fairness. Organic farming has opened jobs leading to better lifestyle for many. This is possible due to relying heavily on manure and compost rather than on chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides etc.
  4. Ecological Balance – Ecological balance is maintained without getting disturbed by the help of organic farming. The ecological balance should never be disturbed which is only possible by the principle of ecological balance.

Based on these principles of organic farming, consider investing in organic produce in Brisbane for foods you may fall in love with.

The Principles of Organic Farming