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A procedure once thought to be reserved for the rich and famous, rhinoplasty is becoming more widely available and affordable to the average person through a procedure known as a non surgical nose job in Vancouver. This minimally invasive procedure uses dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane or Botox to smooth out the contour of the nose.

The entire procedure is performed in the doctor's office and takes about fifteen minutes. This is why some people refer to the procedure as the "15 Minute Nose Job." During the procedure, the plastic surgeon uses a small needle to inject natural or synthetic filler into the skin in the target area which has been determined during the initial evaluation.

When injected into the skin, these fillers can smooth out the bumps, fill in the blanks, and make the nose look straighter and even smaller. Although the idea of adding to the nose to make it look smaller is a bit counter-intuitive since the procedure eliminates abnormalities in the nose, it doesn't stand out as much, and therefore appears smaller.

Many cosmetic surgeons believe Non-Surgical Nose Job is a perfect alternative to surgery because of its minimal risks and significantly less recovery time as well as the convenience and efficiency of an in-patient procedure. The procedure is also reportedly quite painless and involves the use of an anaesthetic cream to minimize any discomfort that the patient might feel.

The Non-Surgical Nose Job in Vancouver