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Wine tasting is simply sensory evaluation and evaluation. Although wine tasting has been practiced for as long as wine has existed, formal wine tasting was developed only in the 14th century. Professional wine tasters are now a common occupation. 

You can make your career in the wine industry by choosing a wine tasting certificate via They use a specific vocabulary and a specific vocabulary for describing the taste, smell, and appearance of wine. The Stages of Wine Tasting

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There are main stages to wine tasting. These are:

Appearance, The aroma of the wine "in glass", The sensations that wine gives "in the mouth".

Each of these stages is used together to determine the wine's quality and properties. These are the properties professional wine-tasters look for:

Character and complexity, The wine's potential for ageing or drinking.

Blind Tasting: Blind tasting is a way to ensure that the wine tasters have not seen the bottle label. Blind tasting can be done by having the wine presented in a black glass. However, this does not prevent the taster from being able to see the appearance.

Horizontal  Tasting: Horizontal tasting is when you taste wines from the same wineries, but they are of different vintages. Wine tasters can identify the differences between wine styles by keeping the same type and vintage of wine.
The Art of Wine Tasting – More Than Just Gulping It Down!