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The online Quran courses on Skype are very interesting and very effective. Children, women, the elderly and even people with busy schedules can learn the master Quran online via Skype from expert teachers. People with frequent migrations for work and business will find online Quran courses to be very effective. Learn the Quran via Skype with our qualified and experienced online tutors with correct recitation and recitation.

Skype technology enables learning in a crystal clear voice. Students and teachers can interact via screen sharing; Use it as a whiteboard, audio and video calls. This helps them conduct training sessions better than in-person or face-to-face training. Simultaneous operation of all Skype functions results in a very comprehensive teaching environment.

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QuranUniversity has extensive experience in Skype Quran online courses and other online learning services. We will help you set up Skype for Quran lessons by downloading it from If Skype doesn't work in your country or region, you can use online courses for Quran lessons. We will first set up your account on our website and then we will allow you to take Quran lessons online via Skype. You and your kids will find this very interesting and have fun learning on Skype.

Our experience in online teaching via Skype and other software is more than 8 years. We also have a state-of-the-art teaching system on our website that will keep you informed about your learning pace and progress, as well as by studying Quran courses online via Skype.

Skype Quran Classes Online