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Earrings are part of our style and the way we look great depending on how our face is like. All the details here are important. And here is the most popular and proven way to choose the correct earrings – depending on your face shape.

Round face

If your face is almost as wide as its long, the cheeks are quite wide that you need earrings to add to your face an angle, additional net lines. Long hanging earrings, pending earrings, and curves will visually make your face thinner, prolong it. You can also try African form earrings with any kind of clothing.

Your variant is geometric earrings with sharp angles, try square ear buckles, rectangular triangle loops, and triangle earrings.

Avoid Hoops and other circular earrings, buttoned earrings, and small studs. Thick and short jewelry is not for you.

Heart-shaped Face

Beautiful bones of cheeks, tiny chin cherub, a large forehead are characteristics of the face-shaped heart. You must draw attention to the chin and not attract it on the forehead. You need the up-drop version of your face, which means that the earrings came to nominate at the top and expand to the Menton area. 

Avoid heart-shaped earrings and all types of wide earrings up.

Square face

A square face is characterized by a square shape of jaws, the angular forehead near the width of the jawline. In this case, you need earrings that will make your face lines very sweet. Earrings with only flexible corners are for you. The necessary roundness you will get with the help of curved earrings and hoops.

Avoid Any kind of earrings with square and rectangular earrings.

Rectangular face

A few angular bits both too long of the rectangular face need earrings that will draw attention to your cheeks. Being a larger length than the face width, you need curved earrings, large hoops that will make your face round and not so long.

Avoid heavy and long earrings especially rectangular or square shapes.

Oval face

The smooth lines of cheeks, a slightly wider forehead compared to a chin, almost ideal proportions – these are the characteristics of the oval face. The oval face is considered almost the perfect kind of face and there are lots of variants for you. Almost all forms of earrings are suitable for circle hoops, pendant squares, buttons, spiral pendants, crampons, and other magnificent earrings.

Avoid too long and solid earrings. They can knock you down and lengthen your face.

Selecting Earrings According To Your Face Shape