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Commonly found in hot climates, pond canopies, or pool enclosures are popular choices in geographic areas. This pool enclosure offers a myriad of benefits for pool owners.  You can also visit poolenclosures-poolcovers to purchase the best swimming pool enclosure for your pool.

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Here are some benefits of pool enclosure:

Sun Protection

If you live in a warm climate with lots of direct sunlight, adding a pool enclosure around your pool will help reduce the amount of sunlight. Pool enclosures provide more shade and help save on pool maintenance costs. Sun protection for your pool will help extend the life of the chlorine. 


A swimming pool enclosure provides added security for the outside and your home. The filter material, which is usually made of linen, protects against unwanted animals, beetles, dirt, and other elements. This pool enclosure also acts as a safer version of the pool fence, keeping out small children or unwanted guests.

Year-Round Pool and Spa Use

Many pool owners who have an enclosed swimming area have other recreational items such as indoor furniture, pool bars, and hot tubs. The pool enclosure combined with the pool heater ensures pleasant bathing conditions in every season. If you live in a climate with rain or snow, you can enjoy a year-round spa and pool.

Pros Of Swimming Pool Enclosures