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According to experts, it's still not too early to start getting braces. Adults make up about half of the orthodontic patients who are looking for the chance to have an ideal smile. Braces have changed significantly over the past 15 years. Nowadays, there are more cosmetical-friendly and lightweight adult braces options available.

A lot of adults are seeking an attractive smile. They recognize the impact a good smile can make in their personal life as well as their professional. They are aware of the benefit that is more valuable than the cost and discomfort that they experience. The most well-known varieties are:

Types of Braces Art of Orthodontics

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1. Metal braces 

They are thought to be the cheapest ones to be that are used on adults. They are stainless steel models that have been on the market for a long time and are still in use. The disadvantage of wearing metal braces is that they're visible. Metal braces have thin wires with rubber bands that help to put pressure on teeth, which helps to keep them in the right direction. 

2. Ceramic braces

These kinds of teeth cost a little more. They blend in well with teeth, rendering them unnoticeable. You can choose between picking from white metal ties or clear elastic ties to secure them. But, even though they are not stained the teeth, the ties will stain in the case of eating foods and drinks which stain your teeth, such as coffee. 

The orthodontist may replace the ties each time they have to adjust them, typically every month. The ceramic ones are delicate and can break or chip easily. They require regular maintenance, which typically adds cost and duration of treatment.

3. Lingual braces

These braces were made in a way that they are hidden behind teeth and remain invisible. They are more expensive than ceramic or metal braces. They require an experienced orthodontist to fix them. But they aren't suitable for smaller teeth.

Popular Type Of Braces For Adults
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