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Most flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs come with a stand or pedestal. It's all fine if your flat screen is to be placed on a cabinet, but it defeats the purpose. Flat plasma and LCD TVs are lightweight and thin enough that they can be mounted on the wall like a Monet. This makes them extremely efficient in maximizing space.

Manufacturers may not see the benefits of TV wall mounts that have plasma or LCD TVs. Therefore, you will need to purchase these TV wall mounting separately. There are many TV wall mounts with SCV audio video systems available that can be customized to fit the size of your TV and adjust the sound quality.

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There are many types of TV Wall Mounts

There are many options for units. You can choose from fixed mounts that will hold your flat screens like a picture on the walls, or swivel-power units that allow you to change the direction of your TV as you move about the room. 

Consider the design you prefer when choosing a TV wall mounting. Do you prefer a mount that is fixed to the wall or one that offers more freedom in terms of viewing?

Flat mounts are the simplest and most affordable type of TV wall mount. The flat mount attaches the TV to a wall using as little as one inch. It is fixed so you are the only one responsible for moving the TV when you want it to. 

Picking The Right TV Wall Mount