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Although the purpose of this article is not to fear or intimidate yourself, but to expose you to the reality of the dangers in today's society. 

In the United States, there is a rape engaged every three minutes, and chances are you know about someone who has been violated or physically assaulted. Therefore, In that conditions, You should keep yourself safe by keeping non-lethal weapons from

But the physical assault and statistics of current physical rape are only a fraction of violent crimes against women in America. That said, some of the things that can be done to prevent this from happening or your loved ones?

There is always law enforcement staff and possibly good people who can be nearby in the event you are attacked by a violent criminal. 

However, it is not wise to count on this type of help being easily available when it is most necessary. In fact, the only person you can only count on yourself, it's yourself, it is, therefore, possible to familiarize yourself with the self-defense options that are available for you at the moment. 

Remember that even the most experienced martial artists can be caught by surprise and injured during assault violence. 

An alarming statistic is that men are usually the victims of violent attacks, simply imagining what type of damage can be done to a female victim.

Many cases of attacks against women can be manipulated by looking at your assailant in the eyes and telling them to stop, or just walking with confidence. 

Sometimes women who are not trained in self-defense, but have some knowledge of and are familiar with self-defense products could possibly escape an attacker. 

Non Lethal Weapons- Self Defense Products For Women