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As with other TikTok applications, you must register first to be able to enter the application. This is easy for the user.

You can find all the popular videos on the app. You can view all videos one by one just by scrolling the screen. You can also contact app designers in Melbourne at

Following your friends is easy using this app, and you can also adjust the screen to easily view videos of people or friends you follow. This application is also easy to use and navigate.

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Comment and heart

The popularity of a video is measured by the number of hearts you receive. Getting more hearts means you and your videos are very popular.

Even normal people are only known to everyone through TikTok. If you want to add videos to your account, you need to save videos like videos.

Face filters and effects

This app is also equipped with special effects and face filters. It offers special functions like reversing, slow motion, zooming or flash. The app also offers face filters like split-screen, cat face, or Valentine's Day filters.


Now, apart from making great and fun videos, you can also share them. TikTok offers a sharing option that allows you to share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, as well as via email.

You can also upload unique videos with this application. The user can use their own voice to create videos in addition to using the latest music and sounds.

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