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A radiation oncologist is a doctor who has special training in the treatment of cancer patients, particularly in the use of radiation therapy as a field of cancer treatment. 

They also have experience treating non-cancerous diseases with the help of radiation therapy.  You can also visit Medical Physics Specialists to hire the best radiation oncologist. 

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Radiation oncologists work with surgical and medical oncologists to decide if and how radiation oncology matches into the patient's therapy plan. 

The radiation oncologist decides the type of delivery and the radiation therapy dose to be given to the patient.

The radiation oncologist is responsible for monitoring patients and arranging imaging and other tests to create and implement a patient management plan.

Radiation oncologists work closely with other health professionals, especially surgeons, medical oncologists, and palliative care professionals, as part of the team that treats cancer patients. 

Radiation oncologists play an essential role in interacting with patients, their family members, and other caregivers about the patient's cancer treatment and general care.

Radiation oncologists are generally responsible for determining and preparing the most appropriate amount of radiation (from high-energy X-rays, electron beams, or gamma rays) to send to patients and how to do this.

Radiation oncologists receive four years of specialized oncology training, while chemotherapy oncologists receive two years of additional cancer training.

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