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You will mostly find that clinics that offer teeth fillings prefer to make composite resin fields. In the past if you have undergone charging amalgam, there will be an additional procedure to safely remove Amalgam.

The reason the clinic does not prefer to fill in amalgam is because it contains mercury which is harmful to the whole body. So, charging amalgam is removed using a rubber dam and high power suction. The idea of using a high power suction pump is to avoid mercury entering the body.

But the reason why white charging is preferred because it is chemically bound by teeth and does not require numbness. After your dentist releases the decay, the material for teeth filling will then be placed in the teeth. Then it will be hardened by healing light.

Living a dental filling procedure is a very simple process and you can expect a little without sensitivity. You will not need more than one visit to the dental clinic. But if you undergo a lot of patches then you might have to visit the clinic more than once.

Advantages of Teeth Fillings

As mentioned before these fillings are also referred to as white patches and this is the biggest advantage in undergoing this treatment. They match the natural color of the teeth and appearance too. Next they also return 85-90% of the original power of the teeth. There is no fixed location for its use. They can be used for back teeth or front because they do not affect your gums aesthetics. Tooth fillings can cause sensitivity but then within two – three weeks.

Know About Dental Fillings Treatment