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A virtual tour is an online application on the website which allows users to move through a building or other type of structure, similar to the real thing. Tours innovative as it becomes more and more popular these days and is used in various business activities – architecture, construction, travel, and real estate companies.

One of the most interesting types of virtual travel will be a version of the film in which the user will see a film showing computer-generated building interiors – CGI, viewed from various camera angles appear to move through it. If you are looking for virtual office trips then you can search on various online sources.

An alternative to this would be the use of photographs taken from every possible angle to make the correct animated sequences. The film version is usually shown as a presentation to the group, without interaction, or as a simple online film that can be viewed or downloaded.

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Type the more complex will be the interactive tour, which involves the same type of fly-through as a film version, but at the same time allowing visitors to interact in some way, such as allowing him to choose the tour that he can pick, choose the angle and choice another similar.

For this type of virtual tours, interactive order, usually made in Flash with a clickable control. It can be based on either a sequence of photos taken from all angles or at CGI, similar to the film version.

In many situations, this model is exported to programs such as Vue Infinite landscape, which has the ability to create a terrain and ecosystems that are very realistic to put the model in. In this particular case, the terrain made for the model, and then the ecosystem of plants and trees is added.

Introduction to Virtual Tours