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There are several reasons why this flooring is a rather complicated process and not everyone is aware of its technical characteristics. Nowadays it is very popular for commercial and home use. You need a floor polishing contractor who is skilled and experienced in its installation. Here are the steps:

1. Condition identification: The most important thing in polishing is identifying the condition of the concrete. First of all, check whether the concrete has a little crack or not. Is there a coating on the concrete or not? It is necessary to know the hardness level to find out how high quality modern polished concrete floors are. 

2. Prepare the surface: This stage is to prepare the concrete surface and you need to prepare the surface for the next process. In this step, you need to remove all existing coatings and sealants and repair the surface cracks. 

3. Start polishing: You can now start the first polishing process with metallic diamond abrasive, with which you can polish with a polishing machine and produce a smooth surface. Need professional help on polished floors if you live nearby. The polishing step takes time to polish the floor. 

4. Density: After rough sanding, you need to cover the concrete floor. In this step, a liquid chemical hardener is applied to the floor to harden and compact the concrete floor. This provides extra security on the floor to prevent water damage and stains from entering. 

5. Finishing polishing: With each subsequent step, the aim is to refine the stroke pattern from the previous lapping. With a skilled buff, you'll know better when to move to the next fine sand by observing the soil surface and the amount of material removed.

How to Manage Polished Concrete Floors In Mornington Peninsula?