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Facebook Chatbot is the latest feature introduced by Facebook. Bot-Net has been in existence for quite some time, but now with the introduction of Facebook Messenger Bot, it becomes even more convenient and interesting.

To start, one needs to be a member of Facebook. Once you have become a member, go through the page where you can get your applications installed or activated. If you are one of those who want to apply for ChatBot application, then you have to follow some simple instructions and follow the steps given on the screen.

Then, after the applications have been activated, select the Messenger Chatbot application from the list of options available. It will appear on the screen and it will then ask you if you want to go for a test run. Select yes to the question and then the app will be activated.

The application offers a series of features for you to choose from. Choose the option that suits you best. For example, the chatbot can be used as a virtual assistant, an online secretary, a voice chat for the website, a user for conversations in Facebook Messenger, or just as a tool for chat room management. After you have selected the option you like best, click on the application icon and then you are all set to start chatting.

The next step is for you to choose your Facebook profile name for the Bot. This is very important and it is recommended that you change your profile name as frequently as possible as the Bot will be using it to log in to your account.

Finally, you need to choose the username you have chosen for yourself. In most cases, you will be asked to type a password for the new username.

Now you have all the features of the chatbot set up and ready to use. The Bot will only be accessible from within the Facebook Messenger application and this is a great way to avoid distractions while chatting with your friends on Facebook.

The Bot can also be a virtual assistant for various Facebook activities. You can just send it for one simple task, and it will take care of the rest for you.

It is really a simple fact that any human being can use technology. You can still help your friends by using the Bot, even if you are not around. When you are feeling lazy, just activate the Bot and it will do all the stuff for you.

And the good thing about the Bot is that it can be easily accessed. It has an autoresponder system which means that it will be able to capture all the queries you might be having about the Bot.

Facebook Chatbot offers many advantages for you to make use of the Bot. Whether you are a student or a business person, all you need to do is turn on the Bot and it will perform all the functions needed for you.

The Bot can even be integrated with your social networking accounts, thus giving you complete control over all your contacts. So, install Facebook Messenger Bot now and enjoy the benefits.

How to Make Use of the Facebook Messenger Bot?