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These questions will be quickly and easily get rid of the poor quality of the wedding DJ in the first 3 minutes of talking with them.

1. Can I see a demo video of the DJ before I hire them? Why? A demo should have some kind of event and the best DJs can vary their style of music and interaction with the customer fitting. Each event can be quite different a bit from the other but both will be successful to the client. You can visit to find a wedding DJ in Birmingham.

2. Can I see a list of music do you have? Ask this because you want to browse your music collection before employing them to ensure that they have a variety of music that you want. Also, beware of DJ with less than 5 years of experience boasted they had more than 100,000 songs because they might then illegally downloaded songs and you run the risk of them were closed prior to the date of your wedding.

3. Can I speak to the DJ before hiring them? Yes, it must be the answer. You want to make sure they understand what you want. A good DJ will ask about what kind of music you like, guests, age range, how much interaction you want to make sure that they are suitable for your event. A DJ who spends more time telling about his / her show of asking questions and listening probably will not listen to you at your event.

4. Do you have a spare amplifier or laptop in your event? Yes, it must be the answer. If not, they do not bring the most important piece of equipment in case of a major failure. Most professional DJs rope, lights, extra equipment to make the event go on anything that is damaged. 

How to Hire Perfect Wedding DJ