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Cigar lovers know that Cuban cigars are the best. This knowledge can lead to you getting in trouble if you decide to buy them. Or worse, it could cause you to get scammed by people who claim they are selling Cuban cigars. These high-quality stogies are worth the effort. You can also search online to buy Cuban cigars via

Cuban cigars were illegal to import since 1963 when President Kennedy imposed an embargo against Cuba. A little-known fact is that JFK sent one of his assistants to Cuba to bring back large quantities of Cuban cigars before the embargo was in effect. This was so that he could have them for personal use. 

The Cuban cigar lovers are very fond of the Cubans, partly because they're the best and partly because it is illegal. Only a licensed trip to Cuba can allow you to legally bring back cigars from Cuba. However, even then you are limited to one hundred dollars. It is illegal to sell, trade, or trade Cuban cigars in America. You can face a fine of up to $50,000.

A complete box of Cubans can cost you as much as $500. These classic stories are not likely to be authentic if you find a box that is less than two hundred dollars. It is common for many websites to offer these classic stogies at a lower price. Be careful when purchasing them online.

How To Find And Buy High-Quality Cuban Cigars?