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Employment background screening is now an extension of the HR function. In reality, over eighty percent of big businesses in the U.S. now perform background screening to know the criminal history of the new hires. You can do background screening from that can help you hire new employees.

No matter how hard you try or how much effort you make to know the background of the employee, you may still make mistakes. 

Some of these mistakes are given below, which should be avoided:

*Struggling to establish a regular background screening coverage

Just because a business conducts some kind of background check does not indicate that the HR professionals are doing the tests consistently or employing the information appropriately. 


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Possessing a normally written policy for every single job name guarantees that the very same sorts of tests are always conducted on such people and that information is utilized by all business, state, and national regulations.

*Failing to confirm employment and schooling

Sometimes the desire to rapidly procure a seemingly very good candidate may lead a business to take résumé information at face value. This may be a large mistake. 

Roughly one-third of résumés include some sort of misrepresentation concerning employment background, education, or expertise. 

Even for tasks at which experience or education isn't essential to achievement, a purposeful misrepresentation can indicate problems of personality in a possible hire.


How to Avoid Six Common Errors in Background Screening in USA?