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If you are suffering from a fear of flying problem then keep reading this article. Here, you will find many tips on how to avoid anxiety attacks while flying, and all without using drugs. Fearless Flyer is one of the best flying institutes that provides the courses to overcome your fear of flying and help you to travel by air.

Fear of flying is very common. And fear can be so intense that many people don't fly if they can help. From, of course, there are other people who need to fly for business reasons, and others for more personal reasons, such as do not want to let the family go down on vacation trips, etc.

  • What caused an anxiety attack?

When this happens, changes in your body, to instantly prepare you to stand and fight or escape, manifest as symptoms of anxiety attacks; Fast breathing, racing heartbeat, tightness on the chest, hot/cold flashing, tingling in hand, nausea, feeling of detachment, and feeling will come toom, etc.

You need to reduce the stress and anxiety that you wake up in you before the flight. Because it is very afraid you have an anxiety attack during the flight that will trigger an anxiety attack. You know, your fear of attacks makes you (natural) stress and anxiety that almost everyone has traveled, especially when flying.

But most people don't suffer anxiety when flying, so don't have one default fear. But people – maybe like yourself – who really suffer anxiety attacks, have this fear, and it builds up the anxiety of your high journey naturally to trigger an anxiety attack. Being comfortable is very important, but you don't need to lie at your dining room table. 

It's not easy sometimes because external disturbances try to deploy their way into your mind. Maybe your phone rings or a hard car passes. Do not give up. If it helps, you can imagine all stress, anxiety, and fear you leave your body and rotate your arms, hands, and fingers to the floor or like soft rainwater dripping from you.

Repeat positive thoughts and reject negative. Maintain this until you feel comfortable and disappeared anxiety. Take care of your eyes closed and stay calm and relaxed. After you feel that you have returned to normal, open your eyes and give yourself one or two minutes before waking up.

How to Avoid Anxiety Attacks When Flying
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