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Foundation for Peace is a non-profit organization that believes in the power of reconciliation. Its mission is to build bridges between divided societies and promote understanding, peace, and human rights. Foundation for Peace works with marginalized groups in order to create a more just society. You can also click over here to know more about the foundation for peace in South Africa.

Foundation for Peace partnered with the Mennonite Central Committee to launch the Reconciliation Initiative. The Initiative's goal is to help reduce tension and conflict in countries around the world by building partnerships between different communities. The Initiative works with grassroots organizations in conflict zones to develop peaceful solutions to common problems. 

Since its inception, the Reconciliation Initiative has helped to build bridges between communities in Kenya, South Sudan, and Syria. These bridges have helped to reduce tension and conflict, and promote human rights. Foundation for Peace is committed to continuing this work and hopes that it can help to build a more peaceful world.

As the world becomes more and more divided, it is more important than ever to have hope for reconciliation. Founded in 2002, Foundation for Peace is a nonprofit organization that works to build bridges between societies that are divided by politics or religion. Through programs like teacher training and youth empowerment, Foundation for Peace attempts to help people understand each other better and create a more peaceful future.

Hope For Reconciliation Foundation For Peace In South Africa