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Grinders aren’t all that complex, but they do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with differences in both the way they grind your herb and how finely they grind it.

Out of all your options, you’ll want to consider aspects such as:  

  • Size – do you need something portable that can fit in a pocket or purse?
  • Material/ Build – various materials may provide better durability and longer performance
  • Multiple Piece devices – two, three, and even four-piece devices
  • How well or how finely it can grind your herb
  • Reputation and quality of the brand or model 

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Size Matters 

Grinders can range in size from mini or travel-sized, to extra large. Consider what is most valuable in an accessory to best suit your needs. If searching for a portable grinder to take on the go, then your purchase should be in the mini to a small range in terms of size.

Those individuals looking for something to keep at home will like the medium or large variety. Extra-large grinders (by contrast) are usually reserved for heavy smokers looking to prep large quantities of tobacco or smoking herb at one time. Note that when purchasing, the size of the grinder listed on the model description generally references the diameter or the width of the grinder rather than the depth of its chamber.


While acrylic and wood grinders are available – and cheaper, they tend not to be as durable and may need replacement sooner than their metal counterparts.  

Purchasing a well-known brand can help assure that the tool is made from high-grade aluminum or ABS plastic, rather than cheap plastic or weak wooden form that may wear or break over time.

Herb Grinders How to Find Your Herbs Perfect Match
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