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The typical bicycle wheels consist of three main types, namely rims, fingers, and tires. RIM is a part that secures the tire to the wheel and is usually made of steel, aluminum alloy, or carbon fiber.

Spokes, meanwhile, is a thin metal part and usually the cylinder that connects the rim to the wheel hub. Ordinary bicycle wheels can have anywhere between 12 and 48 fingers at a time. Finally, the tire is the outer part of the wheel. Usually made of rubber and can be tubular. You can also buy single speed wheelset via

Bicycle wheel type

In the same way, there are various types of bikes for various types of cycling hobbies, there are also various types of bicycle wheels. At least, there are three basic types of bicycle wheels that you can choose from. This is a racing bike wheel, mountain bike wheel, and BMX wheels.

The racing wheel, according to its name, is the bicycle wheel you need if you want to enter a bicycle race. This wheel features aerodynamic, lightweight, and tires that allow you to ride quickly through the racing tracks provided.

Meanwhile, the mountain bike wheel is a type of bicycle wheel designed specifically for mountain biking. These tires usually have determined tires and around 26-inch rims. They allow for easy cycling through mountain paths because they display lower air pressure tires that provide better shock absorption and traction.

Finally, there is a BMX wheel designed specifically for BMX bikes. They are usually shorter and wider than mountain bike wheels, which makes them ideal for land tracks and leaps.

Guide To Bicycle Wheel Parts And Bicycle Wheel Types