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The DNA testing centers offer service-oriented analysis to determine biological relationships via paternity testing. They also provide sibling DNA testing and anthropology testing.

The most widely used genetic testing service is DNA paternity testing. It helps to establish the paternity not only of a child, but also of an unborn baby. 

The majority of DNA paternity tests are accurate to 99.9% and can also be used for legal purposes. You can visit to avail services of DNA testing in Ireland.

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The use of genetic markers unique to a population can be used for DNA testing that can establish a person's genealogy. These markers typically follow one of three inheritance pattern categories: the autosomal, paternal, or maternal. 

The most popular genealogy tests include the Native American DNA verification test and the ancestral origin DNA population test.

Sibling DNA testing can be used to determine the statistical probability that siblings have the same parents. These tests may be modified to include half-sibling and twin zygosity DNA. Other DNA relationships such as aunt or uncle, grandparentage, first cousin, etc. can be determined by genetic tests.

The best testing center in Ireland also offers comprehensive personal identification services. Private investigators, detectives, crime labs and district attorneys can also use genetic testing to match DNA found at crime scenes to a geopolitical or photo database.

DNA testing is the best way to confirm a person's identity. It can be used to establish paternity, as well as to prove the innocence of murderers.

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