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Dementia Clock is a unique watch for people with dementia, Alzheimer, or memory loss. This is why many people look for a dementia watch. 

Watches that treat dementia and Alzheimer's will help patients keep track of the current time, date, and day of the week. You may get more information about clocks for elderly with dementia via


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You also have a digital alarm clock to remind you to take medication. They will be equipped with large sound speakers so that people with hearing problems can hear them loudly. 

These clocks are quite large and are visible to everyone in the room. They will be a perfect gift for your loved one, especially the elderly who have memory loss or hearing and seeing impairments.

This 7-inch digital dementia calendar day clock has an extra-large display that is non-concise and has bold time, day and date, month.

This dementia clock has an implanted dimer that will help adjust the brightness automatically by day and you will also adjust the brightness manually.

It is a 7 inch digital calendar day clock with non-concise details and the magic of the date in full days, months, and larger all day of the week. 

It is easy to read: a 7-inch digital calendar day clock, which excludes the week, month, and day of the day in large, non-concise bold letters, from the morning, noon, evening, night, and morning without any confusion. First displays; you can see the day of the week, month, and time in the room. 

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