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Usually, passed on to you as a tax-saving instrument, you must have given term insurance a thought at some point in life wondering whether it is just an investment or a need. If you want to know more about the best life insurance policy quotes visit

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What if it is just a waste of money? What if it is a savior? Again, so many questions!Not anymore, as here is everything that you need to know about term insurance and solve this dilemma forever- do we really need it?

What is term insurance?

Term insurance offers you coverage against unforeseen events of the future in case of an unexpected event. While we can't do much to avoid what the future holds, we can at least make sure that the impact is reduced and the family doesn't have to suffer financially. A term insurance policy lets you cover your life for three eventualities of life: death, disability, and disease.

How affordable is term insurance?

It is the most economical and most affordable form of life insurance. When you decide to be financially responsible and take the right term insurance plan for you, you do not feel the premium pinching your pocket at all. 

Most of the policies have the premium payment starting with as less as Rs. 492 per month! To ensure the financial security of your loved ones, this is reasonable, feasible, and practical! Besides, you have the flexibility to opt for a yearly or monthly premium payment mode.

Find Out If The Term Insurance Is For You!