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We all are aware that our house is our most valuable investment. Of, course, being a resident is also about taking care of the places around your home, such as your drainage and sewer system. This is crucial because a blocked drain could create more issues than you think. 

If it is, you'll require the most effective sewer clog solutions to accomplish the task. However, no matter what, prevention is better than treatment. You can solve the problem of blocked sewer in Newcastle via

How To: Baking Soda Method to Clear Blocked Drain - Fixed Today Plumbing

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What causes sewer clogs?

What causes a sewer blockage to happen? There is a variety of contributing factors that can cause this.

The tree roots can cause damage to different sewer lines. They can make the piping system move off its axis. The roots can also penetrate even the tiniest splits in pipes. Additionally, the roots could trigger a sewer backup or an overflow. If this occurs you may require deep digging to get rid of the roots.

In addition to absorbing rainwater and waste, untreated waste can be able to penetrate soils, eventually creating unhealthy conditions. The pipes damaged by water may require repair or replacement.

The disposal of common household waste such as cooking oil and grease down the drain can result in obstructions.

The excess toilet paper flushed can stuck and build up in the sewer line floor. The problem can be more severe if the toilet and the pipe are in use for many years.

Factors That May Cause a Sewer Block in Your Residence in Newcastle
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