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The driveshaft transmits power from the transmission to the differential. The Mustang's rear wheels then receive power from the differential. The driveshaft is a simple shaft. It's simple to overlook and doesn't require any special knowledge.

Without a custom aluminum driveshaft, your car won't be able to turn energy into motion. It's not a costly upgrade to performance. However, it may be something that you feel is necessary. Your steel stock driveshaft may need to be replaced with a conventional aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft. Different types of drivers will require different driveshaft materials.

custom aluminum driveshaft

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An aluminum drive shaft can replace a steel driveshaft. This will help reduce the car's weight and make your engine run more efficiently. The custom aluminum drive shafts are significantly lighter and, depending on the Mustang model you own, can drop between ten to twenty pounds by switching from steel to aluminium.

Driveshaft drops are especially effective because they don't involve losing static weight but rotating weight. This is equivalent to losing significantly more weight.

Aluminum is more fragile than steel and can break easily, creating sharp edges that could cause injury to your car or yourself. Aluminum can be louder than stainless steel. Aluminum doesn't absorb vibrations as well as steel. It is less usable for casual drivers. Aluminum is not strong and performs poorly at high speeds.

Aluminum is light, making it a popular choice for people who live in colder regions. Aluminum can easily corrode so make sure to inspect your aluminum driveshaft regularly.

Everything you need to know about custom aluminium driveshafts