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Ranging from a minor sprain to a severe fracture, any type of injury can affect a person's ability to function normally. During such conditions, using aids can help a person relieve the pain and make them feel comfortable.

For instance, a person can use a neck collar to alleviate pain if they have a sprain in their neck. Similarly, a bed-ridden person might use a pressure-relieving cushion to reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

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However, if not used properly, these aids which should relieve your pain can actually aggravate it. So, it is necessary to understand what things to keep in mind to use these aids properly.

Things to Consider while Using a Pressure Relieving Cushion

  • Position the Body Properly

    It is important to adopt a correct posture when sitting down. This reduces the pressure on the person's posterior.

    The reason for this is when you place the pressure cushion on the top of an armchair, sofa or on any other sitting surface, its dimensions change. The increase in height may leave the person with their feet dangling in the air.

    This, in turn, may increase the weight on the individual's seat, increasing pressure rather than reducing it. This leads to a greater risk of developing pressure ulcers. With this in mind, it is vital that the person's feet have proper support above floor level.

  • Choose a Suitable Chair

    It is good to provide an appropriate pressure-relieving cushion for people spending long periods of time sitting down. It is, however, equally important to ensure that the chair itself is suitable.

Choosing The Right Pressure Relief Cushion And Neck Collar