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Criminal law is equal to the law of punishment. The consequences under this law can be hard and unique depending on what kind of violation and jurisdiction occur. The usual consequence for breaking the law include:

o Time to prison

o Execution.

There are situations where laws become unclear between criminal law and civil law. Criminal law is very distinctive because of punishment because it can be severe. You can also learn more about criminal law in Spain via

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For example, a perpetrator sent to prison can be sent solitary or for the rest of their lives. The arrest of the house is very similar to prison given the fact that it involves the perpetrators who are locked up in certain areas. The perpetrators can also lose assets and property depending on the casing.


The court has prioritized strict sentences to keep individuals afraid to violate the law. There are five classes of consequences that vary depending on the jurisdiction:

o Penalty

o prevention

Public international law

Public international laws apply in cases where all regions or communities are influenced by terrible crimes. This legal history comes from WW2 with the Nuremberg trial. This trial paves the way for the future in which a person who commits a crime on behalf of their government is still responsible for crimes committed and will not be given sovereign immunity.

An Overview of Criminal Law in Spain