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The Bengal cat is a crossbreed produced by crossing an Asian leopard cat with a domesticated cat. The want for such cross-breeding is to have a cat that looks wild but has the temperament of a domestic cat.

Physical body

The most striking feature of the Bengal cat is its very soft, thick, and uniquely colored coat. You can also hop over to this website to know more about Bengal cats in the UK.

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There are two different patterns recognized in the Bengal cat breed. They are speckled and marbled. The leopard's fur is closest to the leopard's ancestors, with leopard spots in various shades of brown, rust, orange, sand, black, and gray. 

Marble fur is made by mixing Asian leopard cats with domestic cats to create more marble-like spots. In both cases, the Bengal cat looks very beautiful and wild.

Apart from fur, another distinctive characteristic that sets them different from other cats is their strong build, which is more noticeable in males. Bengal cats are extremely powerful, graceful, and strong.


Bengal cats love to be members of the family. They love to socialize and play.  As high-energy cats, they are not for someone looking for a submissive animal that roams around the house and looks pretty.

The Bengal cat is one of the most attractive breeds today. 

From wild scars to playful and loving mannerisms, Bengals are great fun to carry around in the home, especially at home with children. If you want a cat that acts like a family member, the Bengal cat is a great choice.

All About The Bengal Cat In The UK
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