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Shingles, Unlike flat roofs, roof tiles require a special waterproof sealant with a transparent glaze to properly protect the shape and corners of the tile. Fortunately, if only a few of the shingles are chipped or cracked, you don't need to replace the entire roof.

Repairing a tile roof is not difficult to do with a sturdy putty knife and with the help of a suitable waterproof sealer, depending on the size of the damaged area. You can repair the damaged tiles and do the job of protecting your roof from strong winds, heavy rain, and constant UV rays.

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Choose a warm, dry day to repair the roof and make sure someone is not around in the event of an accident or fall. Never attempt to repair the roof yourself outdoors. Inspect the tile and look for general damage such as cracks, tears, bends, corrugated tiles, and black spots.

You may still have replacement tiles in the garage from previous roofing work, but unless you go to the home center with your roofing samples and match them as closely as possible to the color and texture of your tiles.

You won't always be able to find an exact match, but it will work pretty close. If you have the right tile, choose quality roofing that is waterproof and durable.

All About Shingle Roofing Repair