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We saw the importance of sanitary napkin packaging. It must be sealed to protect them from contamination.

Most women prefer to use these sanitary napkins because they're easy to use and it's easier to remember when to change them because you can see them getting soaked with blood.

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Sanitary napkins are not as simple as they seem at first glance. They were created for the most complex beings in this universe and therefore complex themselves.

They consist of several different layers, each with different properties and for different purposes.

The top layer is very important because it is in direct contact with the most sensitive parts of your body.

Have you ever tried to see what sanitary napkins from different brands seem like? Run your finger over them – some will feel so rough you won't want to wear them. And it's not just about how they feel.

What is it made of! Many are made of synthetic materials and contain chemicals, so it's no wonder that many women complain of skin irritation and rashes after using certain pads.

Sanitary napkins made of synthetic materials are not only harmful to our health, but also to the environment.

You can also look for cloth cotton pads, they having soft textures and free from different types of chemical which normal using pads contains.

All About Sanitary Pads
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