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Indian Navy has always been at the forefront of Indian Defence Forces – and today, women are not only doing their bit but also able to create a significant impact on the country.

What is the Indian Navy?

The Indian Navy is the world’s third-largest navy with a total of over 1,500 ships and over 60,000 personnel. The Indian Navy has played an important role in the defense of India since its inception. It has been involved in various operations including Operation Vijay (1987), Operation Meghdoot (1998), Operation Catapults (2003), and Operation n Parakram (2009). To know more about navy careers for women, you can browse this website.

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 In recent years, the Indian Navy has been involved in numerous peacetime exercises such as Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) 2016, Malabar 2017, and Exercises Voima 2017 and Balikatan 2018.

There are many female officers who have excelled in their fields within the Indian Navy. Lieutenant Commander Rupali Deo, who is currently the first woman commander of an operational submarine, has been a shining example of women’s strength in the military. Deo joined the navy in 2002 and worked her way up through the ranks to reach her current position.The above information will help you understand better about the navy careers for women.

All About Navy Careers For Women